What is an "Issue" in the Frontpoint app and how can I resolve it?

An Issue banner at the top of the Frontpoint app homepage means you have an active Trouble Condition. A Trouble Condition is a problem with your system discovered by your Hub. When an issue is found, the app will send you a notification, and your Hub will alternate between a blue flashing LED and the current arming status LED to indicate a problem.

For steps to troubleshoot an active Trouble Condition, follow the instructions below:

1) Tap the downward-facing arrow to the right of the "Issues" banner on the Frontpoint app homepage to reveal all active Trouble Conditions. 



2) Select the arrow to the right of the Trouble Condition you would like to resolve. 



3) Tap Learn More at the bottom of the page to be directed to specific troubleshooting steps.





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