How do I bypass sensors on the Frontpoint app?

A bypassed sensor is not actively monitored and will not trigger an alarm if activated. Sensors are bypassed automatically if they are open when the system is armed and can be bypassed manually from the Frontpoint app.

A few popular reasons to manually bypass sensors include:

    • Allowing a window to stay open during a warm night, so we keep you safe while you stay cool
    • Leaving a frequently used interior door open, like the door to the garage
    • Using a usually off-limits area for an extended amount of time, like a cabinet or safe


Types of Sensor Bypass 

  1. Automatic bypass:
      • A sensor is bypassed automatically if left open when your system is armed.
      • The sensor will automatically be taken out of the bypass status the next time the sensor is closed, regardless of the arming state. 
          • If a Door and Window Sensor is open when the system is armed and then closed, the sensor will become armed, and if it gets opened again before the system is disarmed, it will set off the alarm).
      • To reset bypassed sensor(s), disarm your system, close the sensor(s), then rearm your system. 
  2. Manual bypass:
      • Manually bypass sensors in the Frontpoint app to leave selected sensors open when the system is armed.
        • A popular use for manually bypassing sensors is to allow a window to stay open during a warm summer night, so we can keep you safe while you stay cool. 
      • Manually bypassed sensors can be opened or closed any number of times without setting off the alarm. The sensors are automatically removed from the bypass status the next time the system is disarmed.
      • Refer to the following instructions to learn how to manually bypass sensors:
1) Open the quick-view sensor menu on the homepage of the Frontpoint app.



2) Tap Bypass Sensors.



3) Select the sensors you would like to bypass by tapping the check box to the right of the sensor name, then tap the checkmark in the top right corner to save.




4) Wait a few minutes for the Hub to update; the next time the Hub is armed, the selected sensors will be bypassed. 


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