How do I use Two-Way Audio with the Outdoor Camera?

Two-Way Audio capabilities enable you to hear and speak with visitors- right from your mobile app. The Outdoor Camera's Two-Way Audio works similarly to a walkie-talkie with a press-to-talk control system.

When viewing a live feed in the Frontpoint app, there will be a microphone button in the live video window. Any time the button is held down, the microphone on your phone will stream live audio out of the camera. For step by step instructions, refer to the steps below:

  1. Log into your account on the Frontpoint app.
  2. Tap Video in the navigation menu (menu icon.PNG).
  3. In the Live menu, tap the play button in the video window to view live video.
  4. Tap the play button.PNG
  5. Select the full-screen icon full screen button.PNG.
  6. To speak through the camera, press and hold the microphone button(mic button.PNG). Release the button to listen.
  7. Mute or unmute incoming audio by toggling the speaker button (volume button.PNG).
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