What is Perimeter Guard and how do I start using it?

Perimeter Guard works with compatible cameras to protect your home as a form of smart-intruder deterrence.

Combining the functionality of video analytics and two-way audio, Perimeter Guards helps you ward off intruders before they arrive at your doorstep. Based on your selection, loud beeps and flashing lights are automatically emitted when a person or animal enters the camera's field of vision.

Customized criteria can also be set for this behavior, such as time of day or arming status. These customizations help discourage intruders for whenever you want the most peace of mind- either away from home or asleep in bed.


Smart-Intruder Deterrence in Action:

When a Video Analytics rule is triggered with Perimeter Guard, the LED on the camera blinks red for a selected duration (3–30 sec), and a loud whistle or beep emits from the camera. The attention-grabbing noise and flashing light alerts visitors that they are on camera and can deter unwanted activity. 



Set Up Perimeter Guard with the Frontpoint app:

1) Log into the Frontpoint App.

2) Tap Video.

3) Tap the Gear icon for Settings.

4) Tap Recording Rules.

5) Tap on an existing Video Analytics rule, or create a new one. For more information about creating a Video Analytics rule, click here

6) Verify the initial Video Analytics settings are configured as desired, and then Tap Next.

7) In Activate Perimeter Guard:

  • To enable the LED response:
    • Tap the Camera Status LED toggle to enable the LED response.
    • Using the Duration dropdown menu, select how long the LED response lasts.



  • To enable the Camera Audio Alert:
    • Tap the Camera Audio Alert toggle to enable the Audio Alert.
    • Using the Audio Sound dropdown menu, select type of sound the camera makes.
    • Adjust the volume using the Volume slider.


*Only the most current Outdoor Camera will have the Audio Alert menu available*


  • Using the Set Minimum Delay Between Alerts dropdown menu, select the desired amount of time the camera should not start a new alert after a previous alert has completed.


8) Tap Save.


Having trouble?

If you cannot see "Activate Perimeter Guard" as an option in the Video Analytics Rule setup on your account, please make sure you have a compatible camera model: 


Outdoor Camera (current)

(supports Audio Alert and LED)


Outdoor Camera

(supports LED only)

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