What happens in the case of an alarm?

When an alarm is activated, we notify you immediately along with our 24/7 monitoring station. Highly-trained personnel are standing by to send the appropriate emergency responders to your home.

Accidents can sometimes happen too, so we make it quick and seamless to cancel the alarm with the Frontpoint app, Frontpoint Text Alert, and/or a call from emergency responders. By canceling an alarm for a non-emergency situation, you can avoid false alarm fines from your local jurisdiction. 

Read on to understand what to expect in the case of an alarm and alarms are handled at the monitoring station. 


In the event of an alarm:

    • The siren in your panel sounds (unless a silent alarm is triggered). 
    • We send an SMS message through Frontpoint Text Alert to your pre-dispatch contacts that lets you quickly cancel a false alarm or request dispatch before receiving a phone call from the monitoring station.
          • A hyperlink is sent to all emergency contacts via SMS- the secure link enables you to verify or cancel the alarm and chat with other emergency contacts. 
    • The Frontpoint app sends an alert to your phone, and the Cancel/Verify banner opens on the app's home page. Use the Cancel/Verify banner to directly Cancel or Verify an alarm as soon as it occurs.
          • By verifying an alarm, emergency responders are dispatched sooner, and Frontpoint Text Alert and/or pre-dispatch phone calls are bypassed.


If an alarm is not canceled or verified in 45 seconds, our monitoring station: 

    • Calls your pre-dispatch contacts on file and asks for the verbal passcode to verify or cancel the alarm.
        • Pre-dispatch contacts are a call list of phone numbers used in the event of an alarm. We use this list to verify whether it is an actual emergency or a false alarm before dispatching emergency services. 
        • The verbal passcode is a single word or phrase that helps us verify your identity when contacting you in an emergency. Your verbal passcode is needed in the following situations:

            • When an Emergency Responder calls to verify an alarm
            • If a pre-dispatch contact cancels an alarm from the secure hyperlink sent via Frontpoint Text Alert
            •  When you call customer support for assistance

When the monitoring station calls, if there is no answer, no passcode, an incorrect passcode, or a dispatch request, we will dispatch the appropriate authorities for the alarm.


Note: You can also reach the monitoring station at 1-833-700-0212 and provide your verbal passcode to cancel an alarm. 


Need more time to practice using your system? For steps to extend or configure Test Mode, click here.

    • Test mode prevents a false police dispatch in situations where you know the alarm may be set off accidentally or if you wish to test the system by setting it off on purpose.
    • The alarm will still sound at your location, but our monitoring station will disregard it for the duration you choose.


Need an Alarm Certificate for your Insurance company? For steps to obtain an Alarm Certificate, click here.

    • Insurance Companies will often offer a discount on homeowner’s insurance premiums for having a monitored alarm system. They need an Alarm Certificate from us- we’ve made it easy for you to get.
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