How do I pause camera recordings when I'm home?

With Frontpoint, you're in control of your cameras and when they record video clips. By creating custom recording rules, you can limit recordings to those that are most important to you. 

Using compatible cameras, pause your cameras from recording when you're within a set boundary (or "geofence"). By doing so, you can prevent any recordings of you moving about the house. Additionally, you can even pause recordings when your system's status is disarmed or in  Armed Stay mode- whatever makes sense for you!


How to pause video recording when you're home 

1) Grab your mobile device and log in to the Frontpoint app


2) Enable Places and create a geofence

    • Tap on Places in the navigation
      menu (menu icon.PNG).


    • Complete the on-screen prompts to set up your phone as a geo-device.


    • Create a geofence around your location.


    • For step-by-step visual instructions to set up Places, click here.



3) Create a Video Analytics rule

    • Tap on Video in the navigation
      menu (menu icon.PNG).


    • Tap cog_icon.PNG in the top right corner, then tap Recordings Rules.


    • Tap + Add New Rule, then tap Video Analytics.


    • Select the relevant camera and choose either a Tripwire or Ground Zone rule type.


    • For step-by-step visual instructions to set up Video Analytics, click here.




4) Select your preferred settings for when video recordings will pause

    • Under The Rule will run... menu select when the rule is active:
        • At all times
        • Only during selected dates and times
    • In the Except when... menu, select when the recording rule pauses:
        • When your system is Disarmed
        • When your system is Armed Stay
        • Based on the location of your Geo-Device  
    • To pause video recording when inside your home geofence:
        • Tap The following Geo-Devices 
        • Select your preferred geo-device and geo-fence



Note: Video recording will continue to activate when an event triggers a recording. Events that trigger video recordings include when a(n):

    • Alarm is triggered.
    • Entry delay is triggered.
    • Sensor is opened/closed.
    • System is armed/disarmed.
    • A manual clip recording is activated by tapping the Camera_app_icon.PNG button in a camera's live video feed. 


Having trouble?

If you cannot see "Places" in the left-hand menu on your account, please make sure you have the most updated version of the Frontpoint app. To download the Frontpoint app, click here.




If you cannot see "Video Analytics" as an option in the Video Rules menu on your account, please make sure you have a compatible camera model that looks like one of these four: 




Indoor Camera






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