Diagnosing & Troubleshooting your Hub

Frontpoint's advanced technology and intelligent features enable your system to identify issues and deliver troubleshooting steps right to you through the Frontpoint app, automatically.

Issues identified by your system are called trouble conditions. When a trouble condition is discovered, your system jumps into action to help you diagnose and troubleshoot the problem all on your own.


How to diagnose an issue 

When an issue is identified, your system takes several actions automatically to help you diagnose the problem:

1) The Hub's LED alternates between blue and the current system status.

    • The Hub will flash blue until the trouble condition is resolved.  
    • The Hub can tell you the current trouble condition- press and release the button on the back of the Hub and it will announce the issue.


2) A notification is sent from the Frontpoint app alerting you of a trouble condition

3) An Issues menu appears at the top of the Frontpoint app  



How to troubleshoot a trouble condition 

To troubleshoot your system we provide specific steps accessed through your smartphone on the Frontpoint app.

To access these troubleshooting steps when there is an active trouble condition either: 

    • Tap on the notification sent from the app, then tap "learn more" at the bottom of the page to be directed to specific steps.
  • OR 
    • Open the Issues menu in the Frontpoint app, tap the trouble condition you'd like to resolve, then tap "learn more" at the bottom of the page to be directed to specific steps.



To review the full list of possible trouble conditions your system may encounter, click here.


How to access additional assistance

If you ever need help with your system, our Knowledge Base is a perfect starting point for FAQS. 

If our articles don't cover the material you're looking for, Product Specialists are available to chat. Just look for the blue chat bubble in the right-hand corner. 

For both of these resources, find them at frontpoint.com/support. We recommend bookmarking the page for quick reference in the future. 



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