What's new when switching from a Simon XT Panel to a Frontpoint Hub?

Curious about what to expect with your new Frontpoint Hub? Here are a few key differences to get pumped about:

  • The Hub’s radio is 4G/LTE, which has specific advantages over the radio in the Simon XT panel such as:
    • Higher speed
    • Improved quality/reliability of signal
    • Expanded coverage
    • Will never hit end-of-life from a carrier perspective


  • The Frontpoint Hub has Wi-Fi backup, unlike the Simon XT panel.
    • Wi-Fi connectivity adds an extra layer of security in case local cell towers ever go down, enabling your Hub to keep communicating with emergency responders.


  • The Hub has support for more sensors and devices:
    • The Simon XT panel supports up to 39 sensors while the Hub supports up to 80.
    • Hub supports all versions of Z-wave protocol so newer home automation devices can be added to your system.


  • The Hub has LED indicators to show the arming state which are easily visible from a distance. The Simon XT panel requires you to walk up to the panel to see the arming state.


  • The Hub is actively developed by Frontpoint and receives regular firmware updates to improve functionality.
    • The Simon XT panel no longer receives updates from the manufacturer to improve its performance and features.


  • The Hub supports up to 50 user codes- more than 5 times as many as the Simon XT panel.


  • The Hub can support multiple auxiliary keypads/touchscreens in different locations around the house. The Simon XT panel doesn’t have any auxiliary devices available from Frontpoint.


  • The Hub allows for bypassing sensors remotely. This can only be done manually on the Simon XT panel. 



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