How do I change the Smart Chime's volume and tone?

After installing your Smart Chime, you can customize and test its volume and tone in the Frontpoint app.

  1. Log into the Frontpoint app on your mobile phone.
  2. Tap the navigation menu (menu_icon.PNG) .
  3. Select Manage Devices.
  4. Find your Smart Chime under the “Other” section and tap the Options (options_button.PNG) button.
  5. Tap Device Settings (cog_icon.PNG).
  6. As desired, adjust the Smart Chime’s volume by moving the volume slider to left (quieter) or right (louder).
  7. Select your desired chime tone from the Chime Sound drop-down menu where 20 tones are available.
  8. Tap Test Chime Tone to hear the selected tone settings.
  9. Once you land on your favorite tone and desired volume, press Save.
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