How can I see event-specific video footage for cameras using SD Card Continuous Recording?

With SD Card Continuous Recording you can quickly jump to event-specific video recordings by linking your Frontpoint cameras (that have an SD Card Continuous Recording schedule created) to your sensors and automation devices.

Jump to the exact moment a device was triggered to watch the video filmed at the time of the event, like when...

    • the Smart Lock on the front door was unexpectedly unlocked
    • a window was unexplainably slid open   
    • the motion sensor was triggered when no one was supposed to be home

Easily see exactly what your cameras were seeing in those moments, so you don't miss any important events. By associating a supported security device with a continuously recording video camera, you can find relevant recordings rapidly, see what event triggered the security device, and never miss a crucial moment. The following devices can be associated with a continuously recording video camera:

    • Door/Window Sensor
    • Motion Sensor
    • Glass Break Sensor
    • Garage Door Tilt Sensor
    • Smart Door Lock


How to Associate a Device to a Continuously Recording Camera on

1) Log into your account on

2) Click Settings in the left-hand menu

3) Click Manage Devices

4) Click  Capture.PNG next to the desired security device.


5) Click Associated Devices.

6) Select up to four cameras to associate with the device (SD Card Continuous Recording must be configured on the selected camera).


7) Click star.PNG next to a camera to make it the primary camera for that security device.

8) Click Save 


How to find relevant footage from the Activity page on

1) Log into your account on

2) Click Activity in the left-hand menu.

3) Click play_button.PNGon the desired event to view its related footage.

4) If the security device has more than one camera associated, select the desired camera from the dropdown list.





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