How do I set up SD Card Continuous Recording in the Frontpoint app?

SD Card Continuous Recording gives you better awareness of happenings around your property- enabling you to watch continuous video footage from up to 58* days in the past. After installing a micro-SD card into a supported camera, you'll need to configure the recording rule by following the below instructions. 


*Because the footage is stored on the SD Card, the number of days of recorded video saved on the micro-SD card varies based on the capacity of the card and the chosen quality of video recorded. 


How to Create a SD Card Recording Schedule in the Frontpoint App:

1) Log into your account on the Frontpoint app.

2) Tap Video in the navigation menu ( menu_icon.PNG).

3) Tap the settings cog in the top right corner.

4) Tap Recording Rules.



5) Tap Local.



6) Tap Add.



7) Tap Select a device.



8) Select the camera that has a micro-SD card already inserted, for which you would like to create a continuous recording schedule.



9) Select the recording quality for the video that will be recorded to the SD card. View the chart here for the estimated days of recording time before the saved video will overwrite based on your SD card's capacity.



10) Select the time frame when the continuous recording will happen, either at all times or only during a preferred period of time.



11) For additional configuration options, click to expand Advanced Options.

    • To limit the number of days that recordings are kept:
        • Click the Retention Time toggle switch to enable a limit. (If no retention time is selected, the footage will remain until its overwritten by new footage.)
        • Using the dropdown menu, select the desired number of days to limit the recordings to.



12) Tap Save.



How to Edit or Delete a SD Card Recording Schedule in the Frontpoint App:

1) Tap the Pencil icon (pencil.PNG).

2) To delete the recording schedule, tap the Trash icon (trach.PNG).




Having trouble?

If you cannot see "24/7" as an option in the Video menu on your account in the Frontpoint app, please make sure you have a compatible camera model.


Indoor Camera 


Outdoor Camera 



If you continue to struggle and have a compatible camera model, Product Specialists are available to chat. Just look for the Support menu option in the navigation menu (menu_icon.PNG) and tap Support Documentation. Look for the blue chat bubble in the right-hand corner and ask for help with SD Card Continuous Recording.

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