How can I check if my Smart Chime is connected to my router’s Wi-Fi?

If you want to verify your Smart Chime is properly connected to your router’s Wi-Fi either during setup or after a communication failure with your Wireless Doorbell Camera, please follow the below steps:

  1. Look at the LED status indicators on the Smart Chime.
  2. If the “Router LED” (or cloud icon) is solidly lit, the Smart Chime is connected to your router.
    • If the Smart Chime’s “Router LED” is off, the Smart Chime has disconnected from the router. To reconnect:
        • Check that your router is powered on and is working with other devices.
        • Confirm your Smart Chime is not plugged into an outlet connected to a switch that can be turned ON/OFF.
        • Move your Smart Chime closer to the router if it has been previously working with the router. Communication strength fluctuates so the distance selected was likely too far for a consistent connection.
    • If the Smart Chime’s “Router LED” is blinking after having been previously solid, your Smart Chime is connected to your router, but the router is not connected to the Internet.
        • Contact your Internet Service Provider to restore Internet access after verifying with other devices.
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