Is my camera connected to the Smart Chime?

If you want to verify if a camera is connected to your Smart Chime due to connectivity issues, refer to the status of the LED indicators on the Smart Chime.

If a camera is connected to the Smart Chime, the “Devices LED” (shown below) will be solid.


If you have multiple devices connected to the Smart Chime, you can view which devices are currently connected by checking the Wireless Network settings for each camera on through the Video menu.

If the camera experiencing connectivity issues is not connected to the Smart Chime as expected or the Devices LED is off, try reconnecting the device using the steps below to connect your camera(s), depending on if your camera is new to your system or already installed.  


Connecting pre-installed cameras:

If your camera is already attached to your system prior to setting up the Smart Chime, the camera must first be removed.

  1. Log into the Frontpoint app on your mobile phone.
    1. Tap the navigation menu (menu_icon.PNG).
    2. Select Manage Devices.
    3. Find your camera and tap the Options (3_dots.PNG) button.
    4. Tap Remove Device.
    5. Re-confirm if you wish to delete by pressing Remove again.
  2. Power cycle the device by unplugging the camera from its power source, waiting a few seconds, and then plugging it back in.
  3. Follow the steps below for “Connecting new cameras”.

Connecting new cameras:

Follow the instructions provided in the camera’s box to add your camera to the system. If you no longer have the instructions, please click here to access all of our cameras’ manuals.


IMPORTANT: When selecting the final network for your camera during the digital setup, choose “Chime (XX:XX:XX)” listed at the top of the page under “Access Points”. (The X’s are indicative of the MAC address and will vary.)


When the Smart Chime’s “Devices LED” becomes solid, or when you see the camera's Wi-Fi network listed as Chime (XX:XX:XX) on the Wireless Network settings for the camera on, your camera has successfully paired.











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