Why is my Smart Chime disconnecting from the network?

The communication strength of a connection naturally fluctuates, so you may not see a connection issue immediately after installation. Disconnection could be caused by poor Wi-Fi or placement, either of which can be remedied with the following steps:

  1. Move the Smart Chime closer to your router.
      • It must be less than 20 feet from your router (or 8 physical steps), but may need to be closer depending on your Wi-Fi strength.
      • If possible, install the Smart Chime at a similar height to your router.
      • Try removing obstacles that could be causing interference so the communication is as unobstructed as possible.
      • Ensure you do NOT use an outlet that is controlled by a switch so the power supply is not being turned ON/OFF. 
  2. Once the Smart Chime completes booting up in its new location (usually 90 seconds), the Smart Chime’s “Router LED” (or cloud icon) should start blinking. If it does not begin blinking, your Smart Chime is too far from your router; relocate the Smart Chime to an electrical outlet closer to your router. 
      • Once the “Router LED” changes from blinking to solid (after about 2 minutes), the connection is complete.
      • Monitor to see if the connection is consistent over the next few weeks; if any issues arise, simply re-locate closer to the router.
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