How can I factory reset my Smart Chime?

If you’re having issues with your Smart Chime that can’t seem to be otherwise solved, we recommend a factory reset.

If you’ve already added it to your app, follow the below steps to remove it from the app and then proceed to step 2; otherwise, skip to step 2.

  1. Log into your account on the Frontpoint app
      • Open the navigation menu (menu icon.PNG)
      • Tap “Manage Devices”
      • Click the 3 dots to the right of the Smart Chime and tap “remove device”
        • The Smart Chime will be listed under “Other”
        • If applicable, delete any cameras first that are connected to the Smart Chime. These cameras will need to be re-added to your system after re-adding the Smart Chime
  2. While the Smart Chime is plugged in, use a safety pin or sewing needle to press and hold the Reset button within the pinhole on the side of the Smart Chime. You will hear a clicking sound when the pin or needle is properly inserted; continue holding until all 4 LEDs start blinking simultaneously.
      • After the Smart Chime’s 4 LEDs stop blinking, the Power LED will begin blinking. Wait for the Power LED to go from blinking to solid.

      • When the Power LED turns solid, unplug the Smart Chime from the outlet, then plug it back into the outlet.

      • This will restore factory-default settings to the device. All network configurations will be removed, and all connected devices will need to be reconnected by following the instruction manual here.

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