How can I complete setup for my Wireless Doorbell Camera without my Wi-Fi information?

If you don’t know your Wi-Fi name or password, you may still be able to set up your Wireless Doorbell Camera depending on your router.

Check your router for a button that says WPS. If your router has a button with this acronym or an image that looks like the image below, please proceed with the following steps.


*If your router doesn’t have this feature, please contact your network service provider for your Wi-Fi name and password.

  1. Complete installation for the Smart Chime and add it to your app by following the instructions here.

  2. Hold the Wireless Doorbell Camera near your installed Smart Chime.

  3. Press the “Pairing” button (the only button on the side of the Smart Chime) until the Pairing LED on the Smart Chime starts blinking rapidly.

  4. Press and hold the button on the Wireless Doorbell Camera for 30- 45 seconds, until the Wireless Doorbell Camera’s button LED starts blinking blue.

  5. Hold the Wireless Doorbell Camera near the Smart Chime until the camera’s LED begins blinking red, then turns solid green.

  6. Log into the Frontpoint app on your mobile phone.

  7. Tap the navigation menu (menu_icon.PNG).
      • Select “Add Device”
      • Select “Doorbell Camera”

  8. Tap “Enter MAC Address” at the bottom of the page.

  9. Manually enter the Wireless Doorbell Camera’s MAC Address found on the back of the Wireless Doorbell Camera, as indicated in green below.
    *The 0’s are indicative of the MAC address and will vary depending on the device*

  10. Tap “Install” and enter a name for your Wireless Doorbell Camera.

  11. Wait for the Wireless Doorbell Camera to complete setup. When complete, you will see the screen below:
      • When firmware updates are available, your Wireless Doorbell Camera will update automatically but it may take an additional 15 minutes to complete setup. (The progress bar will not move along steadily- each update takes a variable amount of time)

      • If installation fails, press “Retry”- the firmware updates may have caused the installation process to time out.

  12. Complete the physical installation by following the instructions in the manual here.
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